How to file IT returns in the last minute?

May 19, 2008:

Finance department asked us to collect our Form 16. I was the first person to get it.

July 07,2008:

Mail popped-up from the Finance Department. The last day to file IT returns is 31st of July. A consultant will be here on 14th and 15th July

July 14,2008 :

Consultant was here. Totally unaware about this.

July 15, 2008:

Consultant was here. I knew this only through the crowd that was standing in-front of his office. I searched for Form 16 in my desk. It was not there. I remember taking it to my home. It was not there either. Thought I could search it later and file this online.

July 28, 2008:

Saw the ad in TV to file returns. Just 3 days more. Searched desparately for Form 16 but in vain.

July 29, 2008:

Asked an official in the finance dept to provide a duplicate Form 16. He smiled at me sarcastically and said his Boss is off today and asked me to come tomorrow. I read rediff articles about how to file returns online. Created an account in . I downloaded the excel utility where I have fill in the details and create an XML file.

July 30, 2008:

The Finance boss was off today also. So will get the Form 16 only tomorrow.

July 31, 2008:

4.30 pm: Collected the Form 16
5:00 pm: Filled in the details the excel file and created theXML file
5:15 pm: Logged in happily to the e-filing site and uploaded the xml file.
Pow! Error message! Check the Assessment period. I have been so dumb that I didnt even realise I was filling the previous year’s form.
5.30 pm: I logged in to the site in haste to download this year’s form only to find that the download has been temporarily disabled due to heavy traffic. I am getting penalised for procrastinating.
5.45 pm: called my bro who is a finance officer and checked if he had the Form. Luckily he did and he forwarded me that. Phew!
6:00 pm: Filled in the details in the new form. Validated it and created an xml file out of it.
6:05 pm: Opened the e-filing site to upload the file. What?? It can’t be!! The page could not be displayed. The entire site was down. Today is the last day.
6.10 pm: Called my bro, forwarded the xml file and login credentials to my bro and asked him to upload.
6:20 pm: My bro called and said, invalid login. I have given the wrong password in hurry. I gave him the correct password.I was nervous.
6:25 pm: My bro called. Finally its done! He has uploaded the xml file. I have finally filed the IT return at the last moment. Yipee.

All I have to do now is to take the print out of the acknowledgement and submit it in the nearest IT office within 15 days. Hopefully I dont procrastinate this time.

3 thoughts on “How to file IT returns in the last minute?

  1. You a “Procrastinator” , hard to believe! I always thought you to be a conformist which is still the same. Nice work dude. I am sure you will get the signature from IT dept within 15 days. This time no procrastination [:)]

  2. Ha ha ha.. you are my brother-pucca!!:)

    (now,dont procrastinate the ‘sign from IT dept’ thing)

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