What are the benefits of cycling?

Well, I always liked cycling and was hoping to post once about cycles. The time has come. I am listing out some of the advantages of bicycling and uses of cycles/cycle parts here. Of course, it is not a serious one:

Few Serious points:


* Cycling is an enjoyable form of aerobic exercise and is very effective. Cycling to your office everyday reduces the risk of heart diseases, obesity and common form of diabetes
*  Cycling helps fight obesity. Cycling regularly burns calories which helps in weight management
* Cycling reduces depression
* Cycling results in strong legs.

Check this site for more details.


* No gas or fuel needed. So saves energy consumption
* No emission of smoke. So, no air pollution. Reduces the risk of Ozone depletion
* No engine. So, no noise pollution and less heat generated

Some not-so-serious points:

* No traffic jam.
* No license required
* Impact of two cycles colliding is very very less than two cars colliding 😉
* In cases of traffic jam (caused by heavy vehicles), cycle can be carried over head. You cannot do this with car/mo bike.
* Helps saving some money (No fuel cost, remember. Just air)
* Helps in setting up Romantic scenes in Bollywood style.
* You can put the stand on and cycle in the same place. This is not possible with motor bikes. (Though you can accelerate the bike, the wheels don’t run :))
* Maintenance is easy.. Just need a piece of cloth to wipe off and occasionally few drops of oil.
* You can fight four people using a cycle. ( Kollywood style).  Btw, check this video:

* Helps in maintaining good relationships within family  (For example, you can drop your son in the school…  Thavamai Thavamirunthu style)
* You can earn some extra cents by making your pet ride it
* If the wheel is bent, you can easily correct it by holding the wheel between your knees and adjusting the handle bar. This is not possible with bikes.
* You can easily remove the chain from the cycle and use it for defending/offending
* You can wear the cycle chain in your neck to get a cool dude look 😉
* You can invest in few cycles and set up a “hire-a-cycle” business
* Remember dynamo?? You can connect few wires from cycle and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.
* You cut the cycle tube into small pieces and use it for lifting weights in gym.. Poor man’s gloves.
* In beaches, you can use it for “bird-watching”. People who frequented Chennai Marina beach would know.
* A cycle Tyre can be used as stumps to play gully – cricket.
* A cycle Tyre is the most common thing that is burnt during bhogi festival.

Phew! I am running out of ideas. I welcome more ideas from the readers on uses of cycle/cycle parts.

4 thoughts on “What are the benefits of cycling?

  1. “Carrier illatha cycle thanda kadalukkunnu therinchukko” – already song is available in Tamil to tell the Cycle’s perumai… 😉

  2. Well Mr.Shaktimaan cycle has tremendous impact on human body. it directly evokes the calf muscle which is called the peripheral heart of human body. if u pedal a cycle for 30 min means u r resting your heart for 3mins.

    This explains why rickshaw people are the one who are least affected by heart diseases.

    keep up the good work MR.sampath! i will release addons for it!!

  3. hi VK.. am surprised!!

    All the toiling years learning physiotherapy had made you a pro. That was a good information dude. Thanks.

    Cycle-la ivlo nallathu irukarathalathan na vandi otarathilla [;)].. i aaaam you bessht friend.

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