Book: The Secret of the Mantle

I had two plans about a career as a writer when I was growing up. Plan A, a no brainer, was to become a professional writer. Plan B, the backup plan, was to at least be a friend of a professional writer. Since you do not see me boasting about any book that I have written, you could safely assume that Plan A didn’t work out yet. But, Plan B worked like a charm. One of my friends, Harini Chakrapani, published her first fiction “The Secret of the Mantle” recently.

The Secret of the Mantle” has introduced good and evil slightly differently. The story revolves around the lead character Dr.Chary, a writer, who is trying to find out the truth about himself and gets pulled into series of events that lead to what might become his destiny. The book begins with a little detailed character setting and then enters into the magical world with Vampires, Werewolves and what not. It picks up good pace from there on till the end. There are number of twists and side stories that keeps the reader interested till the end. In short, it is a good breezy read. A very good attempt for a debut novel.

You might think the author is my friend and I could be biased. What is the other way to know about the novel? Well, you could go buy the book and find out yourselves. Below are the relevant links.

Amazon Link: The Secret of the Mantle

Author Profile: Harini Chakrapani

Do let me know what you think about the book. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Book: The Secret of the Mantle

  1. Just because you know the author, none need to think u r biased! Plan A is also working out all right to the Blog Hopper Satagopan. I love the way u express things. May God bless you to be great with your Plan A as well as B!
    I am just a small time writer having authored three dozens and 30 having got published by different publishers in Tamilnadu and Delhi. Then an youngster like u with rich vocabulary and ideas can go a long, long way. All the best.

  2. Thank you so much!
    Three dozen books authored and 30 published and you call yourselves small time writer? You are being very modest and humble.

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