Turn Auto-sync Off

Last week, I attempted one more thing to minimize my mobile phone usage. I turned the email auto-sync off. 

Any kind of notification grabs your attention. So were my email notifications. 90% of the emails that I receive on my personal account are either newsletters, transaction alerts, payment reminders, a Nigerian prince offering me some money or a non-profit organization pitching for that money offered by the prince. I rarely get any email that I need to act immediately upon.

I decided to cut down the noise by turning off the auto synchronization. This benefited me by reducing distractions, providing the control over checking emails, and some peace during family time and when sleeping. It turned out that I didn’t miss much and the world did not end.

If something is urgent, people can and will always call.

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Have you tried anything to reduce your mobile screen time that worked for you?

16 thoughts on “Turn Auto-sync Off

  1. Wait, that Nigerian Prince scam is not real??? Darn it, I was so looking forward to sending him my rent money in hopes of claiming that million dollar prize.
    Less distractions are good. Sometimes I disconnect and figure it anyone needs anything vital they will call or drop by the house. Instead they get irked I inconvenienced them by making them call instead of text.
    I think smart technology is making people less smart.

  2. True. As someone said, gadgets are becoming smarter and we are becoming dumber.

    Btw, while we are on the topic of the Nigerian prince, you should watch James Veitech’s Ted talk on replying to scammers’ email. Fun trip.

  3. Small tweaks will create significant changes in a positive way down the line. A friend of mine is adhering to Lent from tomorrow (lasts 40 days) and for the she is giving up social media use including no WhatsApp communication. You can only contact by actually ‘calling her’! Revelation

  4. Yes. Small and continuos changes like in Kaizen. WhatsApp is one reason why I am still holding onto a smartphone. Except for the marketers, all others seem to have forgotten how to send sms.

  5. My phone has been on silent mode for over 8 months now. I just put it on ringing mode when I know that somebody is going to call me. People have to notify me on whatsapp that they’ll call me. Else, I just end up missing the call. Even at work, if my parents call me I don’t pick up. They are supposed to Whatsapp me to give me the message or it’s something that needs a phone call, they have to WhatsApp.

    I’d like to add here that I get at least 400 WhatsApp messages in a day from my workplace. Even it’s my off. Because we work 24 hours around the clock and 7 days a week.

    All my FB, Instagram, WP, email, sms, and whatever notifications are on silent. All Whatsapp groups have been put on mute for 1 year. Just whatsapp personal chats are not on mute. But since my phone is always on silent, I just get a mute notification in the top bar. In fact, notifs have been customised on fb or wp as per my requirements. Talking about mails, I have unsubscribed to the trash newsletters.

    Whatsapp was notifying me that some friends are wishing you happy women’s day on personal chat. I replied back to them today morning. I feel proud of myself 😀

    I wish I could throw away my phone. But sadly, I can’t.

  6. Forgot one thing– every night at 10:30 my phone goes on total mute. So, if I’m watching a video or listening to a song, everything goes mute just to make me realise that I need not reply to people’s messages 😛 I don’t feel like disabling this feature when my phone’s on silent all the time 😀 I’m just weird

  7. Yeah. I am forced to have two one for work and one for personal use. When you set the expectation that you are available at every ping then you will get ping every second. Learnt it the hard way. Its not 24/7 for me so its kinda okay. There is no one size fits all approach.

    One of my friends does that too.. Mute every WhatsApp group conv for an year.

  8. Yup. I have started scheduling Do not disturb mode in hope to get 7 hours of sleep. Got this tip from a colleague. Didn’t get to sleep the length yet, but it has been incredibly useful in increasing the quality of sleep.

  9. I have muted some of the groups for one year thrice. Just have to oblige to be a part of them 😂
    Haven’t you tried muting the groups?

  10. I would have loved to do it, but then the uncles and aunts would think how rude I am and would make my life a living hell 😀

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