Brace yourselves for one more cooking related post. I had last four potatoes and few pieces of other veggies left over before we could refill. My daughter wanted something for a snack.

Based on the good response for my previous attempts circulated on WhatsApp, I decided to try something new again (new for me but an age old dish). The self-imposed condition was that I can use only the microwave and not the stove.

I searched for recipes and found this one from Tarla Dalal fairly easy.

I didn’t have all the items mentioned and I did a little bit of swapping: Cauliflower instead of brocolli, no corn and eggless mayonaisse instead of cheese.

The end result was good. It was filling and tasty. Cheese might have been a better option though. And bigger potatoes could have helped. But, the family loved it. That is all that matters. Isn’t it?

PS: Writing this post while waiting in queue to buy vegetables. I have to go home and do the the ten step process after this. Wish me luck.

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10 thoughts on “Baked Potato

  1. Good job Sadagopan. Any baked beans on the side?
    What I’ve tried in the past is cut them in half, part cook them, scoop up the potato and mix with veggies and mayo, then scoop back into the skin and finish cooking.
    I might even try it again, inspired.

  2. LOL!!! It is so obvious that sadogapan is finding the new artistry so
    Much fun,, are you considering becoming a full time chef?? I guess u’ll do great🤣🤣

  3. Lol. What’s fun for me may not me fun for others :p but I can cook to survive.
    You can find few more in my blog, may be from ten years back. Search for “oven” or “capsicum”

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