Anybody in IT world will know about POCs – Proof Of Concepts. Basically, somebody building a solution for a potential customer will do a POC to showcase the work that they can do. Usually, this POC will be very impressive. The customer then signs the contract. After signing the contract, the real work begins. The requirement changes, scope changes, complexity changes. After all the chaos, the final solution is not as elegant as POC. But you cannot get rid of it. You have paid for it and you want to continue using it. And the bugs? You get some fixed and live with the rest. You continue using it till you get completely frustrated with the solution at which point you call another solution provider for another POC.

Life is not any different at all. Some people, not all,  are like these solutions. Initially, we feel good about the new acquaintances. They are well mannered, present themselves well and seem to gel well. Just like a POC. Once you spend some time and get to know more about them everything changes. The expectations change, the behavior changes, irritability increases, and the person is not so cool anymore. Just like the final solution. But you have invested your time with that person. So you try and chug along. You try and work out the pain points, point fingers and sometimes just bear the pain and keep your mouth shut. Until they cross the final line of frustration.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to anybody living is purely purely co-incidental.


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