15 things I didn’t do during lockdown

The whole world is adjusting to the new normal.  I hope you are keeping well. After three months of work from home, I have already adjusted to this lifestyle. It would be an effort now to go back to the workplace when things will open up. 

I wanted to drop by and say a hello. That would make this post criminally short. I thought I would start listing down what I learnt new or did something for the first time during this lock down. But, that is what everybody under the sun is doing now. Why not list down all the things that I stopped doing in the last three months since the start of the lock down? I get such ideas in shower. So, here are the 15 things that I did not do during this lock down.

I did not:

  • Touch my jeans or formal attire or the belt.
  • Wear my shoe even once. To go down, all we need is a slipper that never is allowed inside the home. Barefoot is the way it has been always inside the home. 
  • Use deo or perfume
  • Order-in the food
  • Spend a dime at the coffee place or eating out
  • Spend a second cursing the traffic or the bikers on the footpath
  • Waste time on window shopping
  • Waste money on movies or the popcorn that are priced atrociously.
  • Complain about the summer heat even once
  • Have to act like I am interested in an uninspiring conversation.
  • Spend time or money on the commute.
  • Have to explain to the better-half why the official dinner was more important than the infant at home
  • Have to deal with random bullshit
  • Have to deal with Unicef representatives asking for donations. 
  • Press my clothes

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